How to Clean Synthentic Childcare and Playground Floors

Our future generations form some of their earliest athletic experiences on playgrounds and indoor play centers. Safety is of utmost importance for these young athletes!

Ensuring the playing surface is clean and safe is essential for parents and caregivers and businesses alike. While general purpose floor cleaning products fail to effectively remove accumulated dirt and biologicals that are driven deep into the surface by heavy use, Rebound will clean and restore any synthetic or rubber playground or childcare floor to like-new condition, giving parents and caregivers confidence that allows their children to play safe and have fun.

Biodegradable and safe, Rebound is ideal for elementary schools and city parks, as well as health clubs and child care centers—whether the playground is indoors or outdoors.

Regular maintenance including a weekly cleansing and annual rejuvenation with Rebound, which is specifically formulated for your surface, will assure your playground years of safe play and lengthen the life of the textured or smooth playing surface for children of all ages.


How to Clean Multipurpose and Weight Room Synthetic Floors

Specifically formulated for your athletic surfaces, Rebound will lengthen the life of your multipurpose flooring, allowing you to showcase the best of your school or business, now and for years to come.

Designed for demanding applications, polyurethane and high-performance rubber athletic surfaces are ideal for high-impact areas. But that also means high-traffic and heavy competition and lots of dirt and sweat. Your indoor volleyball and basketball court, weight room, gymnasium or exercise facility requires a consistent cleaning schedule so that dirt and grime do not build up. Postponing or ignoring regular maintenance will not only make cleaning much more difficult, it may also affect the life of the floor.

Regular maintenance includes daily sweeping, a weekly cleansing and an annual rejuvenation treatment with Rebound, which is specifically formulated for your athletic flooring. Whether it be a game court, weight room, fitness center or gymnasium, Rebound will clean and restore any polyurethane or rubber athletic surface to like-new showroom condition.
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How to Clean Running Tracks and Game Courts

Showcase the pride of your school or facility! Formulated specifically for cleaning synthetic and natural rubber surfaces, Rebound gives you the ability to keep your indoor and outdoor running tracks and textured athletic flooring as new and clean as the day they were installed.

Designed for heavy competition, all-purpose prefabricated athletic surfaces such as tracks and game courts, including volleyball, tennis and basketball courts, are made to withstand high traffic. Under regular use, however, these textured athletic floors will naturally accumulate dirt, grease and biologicals. Heavy use can drive dirt and grime deep into the floor’s surface, creating an undesirable appearance and potentially unhealthy conditions. In addition, synthetic and natural rubber floors that are outdoors are particularly exposed to the elements and can fade as a result of sun damage. The combination of dirt and oxidation often creates a film that causes the surface to lose its original luster.

Regular maintenance including a weekly cleansing and annual rejuvenation with Rebound, which is specifically formulated for your athletic flooring, will assure your school or business years of trouble-free use from a new or existing athletic surface and lengthen the life of the indoor or outdoor track or textured game courts.


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