Why Finding Middle Ground in Floor Cleaner Will Promote Better Health

synthetic rubber flooringIsn’t it kind of crazy how often we ignore our floors — or rather, how little we remember to pay attention to them — even though the floors are essential to an entire building’s infrastructure and influence the well-being of every person in that building? The structural importance of floors is pretty obvious, and we don’t need to explain why an entire building depends on its flooring plan.

But you may not have considered just how much the flooring of a building (or even the flooring for an outdoor sports or recreational facility, for that matter) can affect your health. It isn’t something that we thought about much either, to be honest, but with the sudden healthcare concerns gripping the U.S., we couldn’t help but wonder whether something like rubber flooring, when ignored and not cleaned regularly, could play a part in the healthcare crisis.

Synthetic rubber flooring is usually associated with athletic facilities, but due to its easy-to-clean and durable nature, this type of material is often used to create floor mats that are placed everywhere, from children’s playgrounds, to office buildings, to healthcare facilities. Well-maintained synthetic rubber flooring or floor mats can last for up to 20 years, and its durable qualities make it incredibly weather-resistant and easy to clean.

But if you’ve installed synthetic flooring materials in a place that gets a lot of traffic, and if you don’t know how to clean rubber flooring and floor mats, you could be subjecting passers-by to germ-carrying dirt and debris — or else to harsh chemicals which, although not likely to carry germs, could cause just as many health risks.

A regular vacuum cleaner is often suggested (especially for porous synthetic rubber flooring), but additional cleaning products should also be used to ensure maximum cleanliness; rubber playground mats, for instance, probably carry more germs than anyone would like to imagine, and a vacuum might not cut it. But rather then running for the most powerful disinfectant on the shelves, keep in mind that a solution needs to be powerful enough to kill germs, but gentle enough that it won’t cause serious skin rashes and burns. The playground mats are probably going to come in direct contact with skin more so than synthetic rubber flooring in an office building, and using harsh chemicals could cause even more problems.

The best place to start, when figuring out how to clean rubber floors most effectively, is to consult the company that installed the floors and see if they have any suggestions, or to find a reputable professional cleaning surface that specializes in cleaning rubber materials. The best defense against healthcare concerns may be a good offense, but finding middle ground when it comes to cleaning may be the most important strategy of all.

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