Three Tips for Setting Up Your Personal Gym

cleaning rubberHave you exercised enough this week? Statistically speaking, the answer is probably no. A new study from the researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 80% of adult Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise.

By not exercising, people are setting themselves up for future health problems. The less active one is, the more likely they are to develop disorders like Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Exercise can help reduce these risks, while also providing additional mental health benefits.

Many people agree that a key issue with getting exercise is accessibility. The majority of Americans are not close enough to work that they have the option of walking there, and gyms often have expensive member rates or get too busy during peak hours. For this reason, some people are choosing to set up mini-gyms in their own homes.

Setting up a personal gym can be a great and inspiring way to consistently exercise. However, there’s more to setting up a gym than just charging a treadmill to your credit card. Here are three things people should keep in mind.

1. Invest in a Floor to Ceiling Mirror
Why do gyms always have huge mirrors? It isn’t about vanity or interior design. Instead, mirrors can help you observe your technique and form. This will allow you to get the most “oomph” out of your workout, while also reducing the chance of an injury occurring.

2. Basic is Often Better
You might imagine yourself getting lean and mean with a Bowflex, but will you actually ever use it? Sometimes, the simplest equipment is all you need to get a great workout. A very basic workout area can be fairly complete with little more than a yoga mat, a stability ball, dumbbells and resistance bands. For big ticket items, go with something you know you’ll understand how to use, and enjoy. If you’ve always gravitated toward the elliptical, don’t get a StairMaster just because a celebrity recommends it.

3. Cleaning Rubber Flooring
Don’t forget your gym’s floor! Flooring provides cushioning and can protect hardwood or other floors from heavy gym equipment. It’s an inexpensive way to get your gym looking professional, which can help motivate you to get going. What you need to remember, though, is that rubber athletic flooring needs cleaning just like anything else. Otherwise, dirt can act as an abrasive agent and wear it away. Clean rubber floors first with a broom, then with a mop. Always use rubber floor cleaning products to do the job — other materials could damage your floor.

Do you have tips for cleaning rubber floors, or setting up a home gym? Let us know in the comments.

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